Telegram anti-spam and group management bot

Do you see more and more messages that are spam?

Want to keep your groups spam and flooding free?

Worried that groups will be permanently banned after a report of inappropriate content?

ProtectronBot works invisibly and instantly,

no user actions required (like solving annoying captchas).

How to install

  1. Add ProtectronBot to your group
  2. Assign admin permissions (delete messages, ban users)
  3. Run /start command in the group
  4. Change settings using /status

What Protectron can do

  • Remove spam links, shortened urls, external mentions, forwards, reply keyboard links
  • Remove NSFW pictures to protect your group from a permanent ban
  • Hide user join and left messages
  • Allow to blacklist words and domains
  • Make a whitelist of safe domains
  • Remove profanity and flood messages
  • Restrict permissions for spammers
  • Work for new members only or everybody
  • Prevent members from adding spam bots to your group
  • Greeting new users of the group


/antispam - Filter unwanted advertising and restrict spammers

/antispam_mode - Simple Mode (checks only new members), Advanced Mode (more strict)

/warningbans - Ban member after several warnings. Users who often send inappropriate messages are banned.

/ban @username - Quickly restrict user permissions

/unban @username - Remove user restrictions

Group Management

/imagefilter - Removes nude, sexual, pornographic images uploaded by members

/noevents - Filter "X joined or left the group" notifications

/nobots - Protect your group from users who invite spam bots

/nolinks - Filter links, unknown mentions, channels, forwards, markups

/noforwards - Forwards filter

/nolocations - Locations filter

/nocontacts - Contacts filter

/nocommands - Commands filter

/nohashtags - Hashtags fiter

/novoice - Voice filter

/antiflood - Limit frequent messages (3 per 20 seconds)

/profanity - Check for offensive language (English)

/report - Report message or user, helping us building bot filters

Greeting new users

/welcome - Displays a message that the bot displays when new users enter the group.

/welcome_set - The command allows you to set a welcome message. The message is written after the command.

/welcome_clear - The welcome message is deleted. The welcome feature is disabled.


/blacklist - Filter messages containing words from blacklist

/blacklist_add - Add word to blacklist

/blacklist_remove - Remove word from blacklist

/blacklist_clear - Clear blacklist


/whitelist - Safe or common for your group domains

/whitelist_add - Add domain to whitelist

/whitelist_remove - Remove domain from whitelist

/whitelist_clear - Clear whitelist

How Protectron works

Sample message was marked as spam.

How to install Protectron?

Add bot you the group.

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